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Frequently Asked Questions

Phone: 0417 455 262

1. After few years my black duco needs a good buff but I’m worried with the swirls marks left after buffing?
Our unique process of slow buffing will not burn the clear coating of your paint leaving a perfect finish with no swirls.

2. Can you organise a pick up of my car?
We are fully covered to drive your car to our shop.

3. Do you have a mobile service?
Yes, we have a mobile service for leather and vinyl repair.

4. How much do you charge to colour my seat?
Around $ 200 per seat (with no repairs).

5. How much do you charge to detail?
For small and middle size vehicles $200 and if extra buffing is required $50 extra.

6. How much is your paint protection?
The paint protection treatment is $250 and $100 for the leather or fabric.

8. The leather of the driver seat of my Audi A6 lost the color, can you fix it?
Yes! We colour match and spray with a water base paint which keeps the original look and flexibility of the leather.

9. What are your opening hours?
Any time as long as the booking is scheduled in advance.

10. What does your detailing include?
Every angle of your car is clean by water pressure including engine bay, wheel arches, mag wheels (inside outside with no acid). Full upholstery steam cleaning on leather or fabric including carpet and linings to a showroom condition.

11. What is the warranty on your paint protection?
Five years on a new cars and two years on cars more than three years old.