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Car Detailing

Phone: 0417 455 262



We have many years experience of aesthetic solutions in the European Prestige car market, servicing local dealerships has been a success by using the best techniques, equipment and chemicals in the international market.

All the cleaning products are acid and silicone free to ensure a quality with no corrosion to the wheels and brake calipers, and no silicone residue which could be an issue for panel repair.

Our polish and compounds are 100% wax free avoiding any white residues left on rubber seals and edges. Our buffing technique is unique in the market using a low speed buffing machine from Germany to avoid any swirl marks especially on black paints. Our aesthetic solution will last months with an amazing smoothness and gloss.


Leather requires replacement of natural oils or it will dry out ! There are two factors that cause leather to wear, the dirt and the sweat from the skin. Our cleaning product is designed especially for leather, it will soak in and remove all the excess grime.

Our conditioner helps to restore these natural oils and keeps the leather soft and supple with a nice smell.

All products used for inside detailing are silicone free to keep the original gloss for the trims and dashboards.

Stains on fabrics are removed with a low steam process which keep the seats almost dry with no remaining smell when dry.